The Simpsons - Season 9

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The Simpsons - Season 9
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Title:The Simpsons - Season 9
Genre: Family, Animation, Comedy
Air Date: 1997-09-21
Season Number: 9
Total Episodes: 25
Stars: Dan Castellaneta (Homer Simpson), Julie Kavner (Marge Simpson), Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson), Yeardley Smith (Lisa Simpson), Hank Azaria (Apu), Harry Shearer (Ned Flanders)
Set in Springfield, the average American town, the show focuses on the antics and everyday adventures of the Simpson family; Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, as well as a virtual cast of thousands. Since the beginning, the series has been a pop culture icon, attracting hundreds of celebrities to guest star. The show has also made name for itself in its fearless satirical take on politics, media and American life in general.
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The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson

Episode 1 : The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson

Designated driver Barney absconds to Manhattan in...
September 21, 1997
The Principal and the Pauper

Episode 2 : The Principal and the Pauper

Unmasked as an impostor, Principal Skinner flees...
September 28, 1997
Lisa's Sax

Episode 3 : Lisa's Sax

After Lisa’s saxophone is destroyed, the...
October 19, 1997
Treehouse of Horror VIII

Episode 4 : Treehouse of Horror VIII

In “The Homega Man,” Homer faces a...
October 26, 1997
The Cartridge Family

Episode 5 : The Cartridge Family

Alarmed by a soccer riot, Homer buys a handgun....
November 02, 1997
Bart Star

Episode 6 : Bart Star

When Homer becomes the coach of a peewee football...
November 09, 1997
The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons

Episode 7 : The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons

Trying to escape his arranged marriage, Apu asks...
November 16, 1997
Lisa the Skeptic

Episode 8 : Lisa the Skeptic

When a skeleton is unearthed at the site of a...
November 23, 1997
Realty Bites

Episode 9 : Realty Bites

When Marge gets her real estate license, she...
December 07, 1997
Miracle on Evergreen Terrace

Episode 10 : Miracle on Evergreen Terrace

After accidentally ruining the family’s...
December 21, 1997
All Singing, All Dancing

Episode 11 : All Singing, All Dancing

Homer rents a Clint Eastwood movie and is...
January 04, 1998
Bart Carny

Episode 12 : Bart Carny

When the carnival comes to town, Homer and Bart...
January 11, 1998
The Joy of Sect

Episode 13 : The Joy of Sect

A cult lures in most of Springfield to toil for...
February 08, 1998
Das Bus

Episode 14 : Das Bus

When Otto drives the school bus off a bridge, the...
February 15, 1998
The Last Temptation of Krust

Episode 15 : The Last Temptation of Krust

Krusty bombs at a charity comedy event and feels...
February 22, 1998
Dumbbell Indemnity

Episode 16 : Dumbbell Indemnity

Moe goes broke trying to wine and dine a new...
March 01, 1998
Lisa the Simpson

Episode 17 : Lisa the Simpson

Lisa struggles with solving a simple puzzle and...
March 08, 1998
This Little Wiggy

Episode 18 : This Little Wiggy

At Marge’s insistence, Bart has a “play...
March 22, 1998
Simpson Tide

Episode 19 : Simpson Tide

When Homer joins the Naval Reserve, a captain...
March 29, 1998
The Trouble with Trillions

Episode 20 : The Trouble with Trillions

Facing an IRS audit, Homer agrees to help the...
April 05, 1998
Girly Edition

Episode 21 : Girly Edition

Lisa becomes the anchor of a kids’ news...
April 19, 1998
Trash of the Titans

Episode 22 : Trash of the Titans

Homer feuds with the Springfield garbage men and...
April 26, 1998
King of the Hill

Episode 23 : King of the Hill

After Rainier Wolfcastle helps Homer get in...
May 03, 1998
Lost Our Lisa

Episode 24 : Lost Our Lisa

Bart’s latest stunt thwarts Lisa’s plan...
May 10, 1998
Natural Born Kissers

Episode 25 : Natural Born Kissers

Homer and Marge try to spice up their love life...
May 17, 1998